• Inês Batata

    Inês Batata

  • Skyline Shop

    Skyline Shop

    Internet of things shop to enable digital transformation & change for better. #connectivity #hardware #software #cloud #green

  • Michiel Van Gaalen

    Michiel Van Gaalen

    Freelance Salesforce consultant | Proud dad | Home Cook | Perfect Lover. Writes about Marketing, technology & food in Dutch & English

  • Paras Pundir [ The Community Guy ]

    Paras Pundir [ The Community Guy ]

    Community Builder| Tech Evangelist | Story-teller | People’s Person

  • Deesha Chandra

    Deesha Chandra

    Working on getting #communities collaborating & #innovating - excited about #sustainability, #justice #creativity #music #health and #food!

  • Deb Schell

    Deb Schell

    I help entrepreneurs find calm in the process of building, launching, and growing a paid online community with ease.

  • Anthony Rosado

    Anthony Rosado

  • Erick Linares

    Erick Linares

    Community/Social Media @ Pandora & SiriusXM. Previously at Fitbit.

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