So Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

🎶 I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I really, really, really wanna zigazig ah 🎶

That’s going to be stuck in your head alllll day now. You’re welcome.

I made a commitment this year to share my knowledge and spend time doing work that can contribute to elevating both community professionals and the community management industry as a whole. If you’re just tuning in to my blog for the first time, the most recognizable places I’ve built community are Atlassian and Salesforce. Currently, I’m head of community at Venafi. You can read more about my experience in my intro blog post here. I started my journey in Community Management ten years ago, and as I’ve said before, community is field I’m beyond passionate about. I will fight to the ends of the earth to raise awareness about it, protect it, and advocate for it.

I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback on this blog (thank you!) and I’m really excited to continue to develop more content that you will find valuable. I have a long list of different topics I want to cover at some point, but I thought it’d be great to reach out and ask what y’all want to hear about. Any burning questions/topics that you want someone to dig into but haven’t seen much of yet?

Feel free to share in a comment below, send me a message on Twitter (@hollyfirestone), or send over a message on LinkedIn. I look forward to hearing what y’all want to see!

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Holly Firestone

Community Strategist. Currently: VP of Community at Venafi. Previously Salesforce & Atlassian. Challenge me to a pun-off. Twitter: @hollyfirestone